Systems Engineer Support, Senior in Beavercreek, OH at DCS

Date Posted: 5/22/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Candidate shall have knowledge of a wide range of multidisciplinary professional engineering concepts, principles, practices, standards, methods, techniques, materials, and equipment to effectively apply advanced engineering theories, principles, and concepts to project development, execution, and advisory services on rotary wing platforms.

Essential Job Functions:

The Contractor shall provide these advisory services in support of the implementation of Defense Acquisition System engineering principles and process for the HPO

Candidate shall assist/perform analysis, evaluations, assessments, and reviews of data, documents, and proposals, providing reports, conclusions, recommendation, and updates. Briefings and presentations shall be developed and delivered as required

Perform other duties, as necessary, including, but not limited to: reviewing/recommending policy, processes, and procedures, performing cost benefit analysis, participate in meetings, boards, and working groups

Provide support in developing system performance requirements, objectives and integration, and the estimation of time and resources for system design, development, and support

Apply expertise in the field of engineering and extensive knowledge of the assigned functional area to assist in resolving unique or novel problems related to design and development engineering including having knowledge of: the principles of planning and program management; standard acquisition regulations, practices, and procedures; and other engineering disciplines used in support of sustainment, modification, and maintenance programs

Perform analysis and assist with evaluating OEM/supplier proposals, presenting conclusions/recommendations, and integrating technical requirements, directives, and program plans in support of assigned projects/programs in systems engineering, including the preparation and review of detailed specifications, drawings, and supporting documents

Assist with evaluating performance with respect to program requirements, evaluating design changes to assess effects on performance, and recommending changes to reduce system cost

Assist with coordinating special studies on design changes, recommending solutions to technical problems, and recommending different engineering approaches through the development phase and into production

Assist with managing performance/cost relationships and analyzing systems/equipment to ensure functional/operational integrity and reliability

Candidate shall assist in performing complex and comprehensive analyses and use systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approaches to determine performance objectives and integration issues. Additionally, the candidate shall assist with:

Implementing, developing, and documenting projects;

Ascertaining needed changes or modifications to production methods, procedures, and/or approaches;

Documenting system requirements

Evaluating procedures and employing innovative techniques and methods to achieve goals

Supporting engineering reviews and/or panels, developing evaluations and technical justifications of feasibility, practicability, and technical soundness, recognizing priorities as well as the urgency of the situation;

Work may include use or development of computer aided engineering and analysis tools; developing, executing, and reviewing policies, processes, and procedures of a special or miscellaneous character that may span multiple engineering disciplines and requires application of knowledge of such fundamentals;

Participating in special projects/initiatives, and preparing oral/written reports; presenting briefings and developing technical reports to document progress and results;

Preparing management reports and conducting technical presentations for planning, implementation, and corrective action

Candidate shall assist in conducting limited modeling, simulation, and analysis of the effects of individual modifications on the survivability/vulnerability of the HPO platforms

Communicate potential risks, issues, recommendations via face- to-face discussions or e-mail to the Government for consideration

Assist the Government by providing guidance on the technical direction and policy for development and integration of propulsion systems: performance and operability, structures and subsystems and controls

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation support for the development, deployment and maintenance technical requirements associated with propulsion system development and sustainment

Assist in providing systems and subsystems engineering, technical guidance, and support to design, develop, manufacture, integrate, test, and deploy electronic sensors, aircraft signature reduction technology, and defensive avionics for airborne weapon systems to ensure total weapon system compatibility with the electromagnetic environment and to ensure aircraft survivability

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation support for translating DoD user requirements into system requirements via face-to-face discussions or e- mail for Government consideration. The Government-approved system requirements are to be used by the weapon system Contractor to design, develop, fabricate, test, and evaluate systems, subsystems, and equipment for deployment

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation support by performing technical/mission analyses of operational requirements

Assist in reviewing the overall OEM/suppliers system design baseline (i.e., architecture and interoperability requirements)

Communicate potential risks, issues, recommendations via face-to-face discussions or e-mail to the Government for consideration

Provide advisory assistance in the review and analysis of OEM/suppliers technical proposals or modifications for design feasibility and system compatibility

Assist in the review of specifications including, but not limited to, system, system segment, equipment, and Interface Control Documents (ICDs) that are submitted by the weapon system Contractor or other DoD agencies involved in the program

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation (to include DoD AF products and Information Support Plans) by conducting systems analyses including, but not limited to, system design/design feasibility, state-of-the-art assessments in support of program, technical, and Milestone reviews

Provide advisory support by reviewing user requirements and priorities for HPO aircraft and provide cost/benefit assessments of user requirements to support Capability Development Document (CDD) and Capability Production Document (CPD) scope

Provide advisory assistance in review of available data on all the on-going and planned modification projects

Assist in performing analysis designed to ensure the aircraft’s Operational Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness (OSS&E) status is maintained

Communicate potential risks, issues, recommendations via face-to-face discussions or electronic mail to the Government for consideration

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation support by evaluating program technical risk and OSS&E, establishing risk mitigation plans, and overseeing program technical risk reduction efforts

Support and participate in Technical Interchange Meetings (TIMs), design reviews, configuration review boards, and computer resources working groups, interoperability working groups, and interface control working group’s program reviews

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation support for developing summary information on the activities, action items, conclusions and recommendations related to meetings and reviews

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation support for the preparation of briefings. Documentation support shall include compiling and organizing background information, preparing draft briefings and talking papers, and providing backup documentation as required. The Contractor shall assist in facilitating briefings as required

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation in support of OEM/supplier source selections, to include the development of: the Acquisition Strategy Plan (ASP), Instructions to Offerors (ITOs), and technical evaluation criteria

Assist with developing and documenting recommended engineering inputs for PWSs, RFPs and CDRLs for assigned programs

Candidate shall be knowledgeable of new technologies and revolutionary changes in research and development to assist with ensuring proper emphasis during all phases of life-cycle support

Present briefings and assist with developing technical reports to document progress and results

Assist with evaluating OEM/supplier proposals, presenting conclusions/recommendations, and reviewing detailed specifications, drawings, and supporting documents

Provide strategic advice, technical guidance, detailed analysis, support and assistance with the development of the RFP and affiliated documents and briefings to include the Systems Requirements Document (SRD) and System Specification (SS) development

Provide strategic advice, technical guidance, expertise and support in the development of the HPO Milestone documentation to include but not limited to the Acquisition Strategy, Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) and Information Support Plan

Review and analyze guidance to determine key milestones and deliverables required to comply with current acquisition regulations and law

Support, assist and advise working groups, planning teams and IPTs by preparing and reviewing agendas, coordinating topics and speakers, as well as the researching, tracking and closure of action items

Support and assist with stakeholder communication, to include providing analysis, technical support, and participation during telecoms and meetings

Review engineering documents/briefings and provide comments/suggestions, and follow up as required to ensure accurate and complete documentation

Support and assist with stakeholder communication

Provide technical expertise in maintenance systems integration, design to test, integrated diagnostics, and electronic support equipment, assist in providing avionics engineering, consultation, and support to design, develop, manufacture, integrate, test, and deploy supportable airborne weapon systems, including integrated avionics, embedded computer systems, software, and electronic maintenance systems

Provide integration expertise/support, as necessary, to anti- tamper compliance and Information Assurance (IA) certification and accreditation personnel and process

Provide expertise, guidance, and support artifact review and production in the following areas: systems integration, OSS&E; airworthiness certification per MIL-HDBK-516B expanded; safety per MIL-STD-882; anti-tamper; IA Assessment and Authorization (A&A), and AFI 63-1201, Life Cycle Systems Engineering

Provide advisory assistance and draft documentation support to conduct reviews and studies, performance requirements, and support avionics system level integration, and have an understanding and knowledge of design reviews and integration of electrical and communication/navigation systems

Provide advisory assistance to ensure the application of systems integration, interface management, test, reliability and maintainability, accreditation and certification, technology transfer, manufacturing readiness, Programmatic Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Evaluation (PESHE), and Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) processes are IAW DoDI 6055.05 Occupational and Environmental Health and AFI 48-145 Occupational Health Program policies and standards

Required Skills:

Due to the sensitivity of customer related requirements, U.S. Citizenship is required

Bachelor's degree from an ABET accredited engineering program with fifteen years of experience or a Master's degree with twelve years of experience is required

Active Secret Clearance

A minimum of five years working in the DoD

Possesses the advanced knowledge, experience and recognized ability to be considered an expert in their technical/professional field, possess the ability to perform tasks and oversee the efforts of junior and journeyman personnel within the technical/professional discipline

Will demonstrate advanced knowledge of their technical/professional discipline as well as possess a comprehensive understanding and ability to apply associated standards, procedures and practices in their area of expertise (Program Office, Enterprise and Staff Level Support interface).