Financial Management Support (F-16) in null (Onsite) at DCS

Date Posted: 5/10/2024

Job Snapshot

Job Description

The applicant shall assist in monitoring the flow of USAF funds such as congressional actions, program authorizations, budget authorizations, and data sheets in the AFM System.

Essential Job Functions:

Support analyzing Automated Budget Interactive Data Environment System (ABIDES) outputs received from Air Force and be able to compare prior budget positions to current budget positions.

Assist with IDECS in preparing and updating USAF budget documentation for Procurement/ Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) documents.

Assist in mapping Comprehensive Cost and Requirements Systems (CCaRs)/Budgets in the Program Management tool that interfaces with PMRT. 

Assist in CCaR with the following tasks: obligation and expenditure forecasting, reconciliation, loading budgets, preparing and initiating target loads, and funding documents specifically PRs, Miscellaneous Obligations/Reimbursement Documents (MORDs), Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPRs), Air Force Form 616s, project orders, and Air Force Form 9s.

Support the execution of USAF funds within the program office. 

Assist to provide recommendations, identify sources of program shortfalls, prepare below threshold reprogramming/above threshold reprogramming packages, prepare realignment requests, and provide policy guidance on all USAF appropriations. 

Assist in preparing and briefing monthly Financial Execution Review (FER) charts. 

Assist to articulate the requirements to senior leadership. The applicant shall support financial managers in updating the forecasts in CCaR. The applicant shall assist in generating the required financial charts from CCaR.

Assist to perform on-site functional technical support and program problem resolution and be responsible for providing long-term training, budget and execution support, and data reconciliation support.

Provide assistance with a wide variety of support ranging from day-to-day CCaR maintenance to ensuring the accuracy of the Government organization’s financial data and reports.

Support functional and technical support services for CCaR.  

Shall assist to establish and maintain user accounts and privileges. 

Assist to set-up business process workflows with approved coordination authorities. 

Assist in performing daily monitoring of the accuracy of the Government organization’s data.  In the event of data discrepancies, the applicant shall assist to facilitate corrections and solutions to resolve data discrepancies with the appropriate Government organization’s personnel.

Required Skills:

Due to the sensitivity of customer related requirements, U.S. Citizenship is required.

A High School Diploma plus 16 years of experience, a Bachelors Degree plus 10 years of experience or a Masters Degree plus 6 year of experience is required.

Current Secret clearance.

At least 3 years of experience in the DoD.

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