B-2 Financial Manager and Cost Estimator SME in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH at DCS

Date Posted: 7/28/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

The Contractor shall assist in performing all cost estimation duties.

Essential Job Functions:

The Contractor shall assist in planning, organizing, completing, and presenting cost estimates for all phases of division acquisition programs/projects from inception through disposal.

Assist in performing materiel solution analyses leading up to design reviews. The Contractor shall support development of draft documentation and presentation materials as requested or necessitated by programmatic limits based on cost, schedule, and performance.

Assist with performing cost estimates for all phases of B-2 acquisition programs from inception through disposal either independently or in concert with Government personnel.

Provide cost estimate expertise (technical advice and guidance) while performing cost estimate planning and analysis for complex programs having extensive program and financial relationships with other programs and complex funding requirements. Program cost estimates may be in support of annual or biennial estimates, MPLCC estimates for source selection evaluation, quick-turnaround 'what-if' estimates, CAIV, should/will cost reviews, RTOC, or other EA. The Contractor shall support process phases including: task definition and planning; data research, collection, and analysis; formalizing an estimate; and reviewing, presenting and documenting. Estimates shall be done using the most appropriate technique available for each cost element of the estimate. The general estimating methodologies are: parametric, analogy, expert opinion, and grassroots.

Assist with verifying the accuracy of the data inputs into the various listed cost estimating systems. The Contractor shall also work with the Government to maintain the integrity of listed financial databases (such as REMIS) by assisting with reconciliation and basis of estimate information within the database.

Participate in cost estimating teams.

Assist team members in developing program definitions needed for cost estimates, including program acquisition strategies, WBS, Cost WBS, ground rules, assumptions, and constraints.

Use appropriate cost estimating methodologies to accomplish cost estimates, including: parametric cost models, Cost Estimating Relationships (CERs), cost estimating factors, analogies with complexity factors, and expert opinions.

Support the development of CERs and factors using historical B-2 data and maintain/update the existing B-2 cost estimating database and CERs. The Contractor shall assist with accomplishing cost risk analysis on all estimates, including use of the Crystal Ball automated tool.

Assist with documenting and briefing cost estimates as required and research historical cost data to support cost estimates and cost databases/models.

Support communication of cost management and policy to both internal and external stakeholders.

Support the analysis of weapon system contractors’ cost proposals and assist with verifying reasonableness checks are completed.

Support the program office in accomplishing production and modification cost estimates for funded annual POM/Future Year Defense Program/Plan inputs, PB, and BES input. The Contractor shall support the program office in formulating 'should cost'/'will cost' analyses on programs and determining the potential should cost initiatives effect on the cost estimate.

Support the program office in developing estimates for quick-turn what-if modification program cost updates and provide support to Government source selection team proposal evaluations, ECPs, CCPs, ACSN cost evaluation and analysis, CAIV, RTOC, and other EA.

Support the program office in developing program definitions needed for cost estimates, including program acquisition strategies, WBS, CWBS ground rules, assumptions, and constraints. The Contractor shall perform research of historical costs to support ongoing cost estimates and cost databases and models. The Contractor shall analyze other contractor earned-value performance measurement data, as needed.

Support the program office in formulating program plans and strategies and preparing planning documents including but not limited to SOW and SORAP.

The Contractor shall support the program office in analyzing Offer’s cost proposals to ensure reasonableness checks are completed.

The Contractor shall communicate potential issues/concerns to the Government for consideration.

Provide inputs to program documentation, including inputs for the identification and development of program requirements and/or cost, schedule, technical, and program risks. These efforts shall include: program management plans; program baselines; WBS; program risk assessments; standard program reviews and/or reports including Selected Acquisition Reports, MARs, and DAES.

Support the program office in the management of program financial risk. This work effort shall include identification, qualification, and evaluation of schedule and cost risk contained in the annual cost and budget estimates for development and procurement/modification programs. For all identified risks, the Contractor shall assist in the development of program impacts and propose risk mitigation strategies. Additionally, the Contractor may be tasked to assist in providing other decision analysis support based on information derived from the risk identification and analysis process.

Participate with Government analysts in the PPBE to include the POM, BES and PB cycle consisting of loading, updating, and justifying specific program details.

Assist in team planning, support program offices in performance analysis of Cost Performance Reports (CPR), Cost/Schedule Status Reports, Contract Funds Status Report, and Contractor Cost Data Reports, Integrated Program Management Report; and train integrated baseline, surveillance review teams, and multifunctional IPTs on EVM and analysis techniques.

Assist in utilizing Winsight and providing an assessment of the contractors CPR on a monthly basis. The Contractor should have experience in analyzing and evaluating a contractor’s CPR.

Provide assessment on cost, schedule, and performance. The Contractor shall analyze problem areas and track changes and support corrective action plans. The Contractor shall assist in IBRs.

Assist weapon system contractor/supplier contract negotiation efforts by performing technical evaluations of contract proposal task assessments.

Assist in performing all investment appropriation duties in the following subsections:

Proficient in the following financial systems and tools to include but not be limited to: MOCAS, General Accounting and Finance System, Selected Management Acquisition and Reporting Tool, CRIS, ABSS, DTS, SDW, EDA, Obligation Adjustment Reporting System, and WAWF, FM Suite, CCaRS, Web CCaR, and AFM. The Contractor should be proficient in Web CCaR with the following tasks: obligation and expenditure forecasting; reconciliation; loading budgets; preparing and initiating target loads; and funding documents, specifically Purchase Requests, MORDs, MIPRs, 616s, and POs.

Be an expert with multiple budget documentations, including but not limited to Congressional actions, below/above threshold reprogramming, program and budget authority, Budget Estimate Submission, President Budgets, POM, R/P documents, and ABIDES or equivalent AF budgeting system.

Be proficient in funds management for RDT&E 3600, Procurement 3010 and 3080, O&M, and working capital.

Assist in the oversight of all aspects of the program budget and assist in providing direction to other functional areas such as: logistics, contracting, and program management.

Support program reviews for spring/fall program reviews, staffer days, PEO execution reviews, and monthly financial status reviews.

Assist in organizing, creating detailed narratives, projecting forecasts to meet Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) goals, and ensuring complete and clear accounting data which will be instrumental in defending the programs for continuing resolution, budget/what if drills, and cuts.

Assist in providing decision support analysis interfacing with program office team, adding value by anticipating issues, offering options and solutions, and generally assisting the program office in navigating decision space.

Support the program managers and provide significant amount of assistance to work toward resolution and agreement on competing funding requirements in an austere funding environment.

Have expertise in monitoring the flow of USAF funds such as congressional actions, program authorization, and budget authority by utilizing the USAF Congressional Domain and AFM.

Have expertise with analyzing ABIDES or equivalent system outputs received from the Air Force and be able to prepare and maintain a living document that compares the data with the current position and prior updates.

Be proficient with IDECS and be able to prepare and update Procurement/RDT&E documents. The Contractor shall assist in ensuring program and financial managers balance the Procurement/ RDT&E documents to ABIDES.

Be proficient in preparing and briefing a monthly financial execution review. The Contractor shall assist PMs in identifying new requirements, and identifying funding sources with correct appropriations according to policy. The Contractor shall articulate the requirements to senior leadership. The Contractor shall work directly with financial managers in updating the forecasts and generate the required financial charts from CCaRS.

Be proficient in the execution of USAF funds within the program office, providing recommendations, identifying sources of program shortfalls, preparing below/above threshold reprogramming packages, preparing realignment requests, and assisting in providing policy guidance on all AF appropriations.

The Contractor shall perform daily verification of forecast accuracy in CCaRS.

Proficient in FM Suite and performing tri-annual reviews; shall conduct research and analysis on open documents utilizing financial systems; and shall be proficient in working with DFAS to correct issues/concerns. The Contractor shall assist in including development, maintenance, and update of a ULO and NULO burn down plan, data collection, and resolution of issues/tasks for the tri-annual certification, as well as completion of research required to evaluate a funding overrun or upward adjustment request. The Contractor shall also support the preparation of burn down metrics and brief monthly status to FM leadership.

Have working knowledge of MIPR and MORD policy and procedures. The Contractor shall assist with completing a monthly review of all MIPRs and MORDs to ensure validity as well as ensuring the required documentation is attached in order to pass audit review.

Apply expertise in the following financial management guidance/regulations to include but not be limited to: DoD Financial Management Regulation, (FMR) 7000.14R, Budget Guidance & Procedures (AFI 65-601 Vol. 1), Budget Management for Operations (AFI 65-601 Vol. 2), Cost Analysis Guidance and Procedures (AFI 65-508), Appropriations Symbols and Budget Codes (AFMAN 65- 604), and General Accounting Office Fiscal Principles of Federal Appropriation Law.

Participate in year-end closeout team activities, preparation of the PMA budget, and quarterly reports as required for all Fiscal Years (FY). The Contractor shall assist the financial manager with PMA funding.

Be proficient in DTS, specifically loading budgets and performing cross-organizations.

Have expertise in canceling funds and the expiring year funds process and shall assist with the preparation of a monthly burn down report as part of the financial execution reviews. The Contractor should be proficient in researching and reconciling canceling and expiring year funds by utilizing Web CCaR, SDW, and CRIS as well as prime weapon system contractors, other services, and the appropriate contracting office.

Participate in year-end closeout activities as well as FY start up. Activities include reviewing skeleton records, budget roll-over, and validation accounting records, control summary record, funds summary record, program summary record, and detail summary record for next year, working with DFAS to ensure documents are posted correctly in accounting system.

Be proficient in independently conducting financial analyses/activities on closed contracts. The Contractor should be proficient in the contract reconciliation, identifying where ULO balances remain on contract, resolving discrepancies between accounting systems, assisting in closing contracts, and clearing ULOs for funding. The Contractor should be skilled in commonly used reconciliation methods, practices, procedures, regulations, policies, and processes.

Be proficient in gathering, assembling, and analyzing sources of factual information, such as those found in various accounting systems and reports. The Contractor should be proficient in independently recognizing, analyzing, and evaluating errors.

Assist with Government Financial and Contract managers and DFAS accountants in reconciling millions of dollars in cancelled, cancelling, expired, and/or expiring funding on contracts. The Contractor assist in creating reconciliation packages; with detailed Contract Line Item Number (CLIN)-to-Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN) mapping for obligation and disbursements to resolve outstanding issues. The Contractor shall support the coordination of financial status with financial managers and Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO)/Buyer.

Support an update of a ULO and NULO burn down plan, data collection, and resolution of issues/tasks for the tri-annual certification, as well as completion of research required to evaluate a funding overrun or upward adjustment request.

Conduct research for and provide assistance with program financial management including: budget formulation and management for all phases of the PPBE process; budget and financial analysis; obligation and expenditure forecasting; funds management, funds status, and funds control techniques and/or systems; and accounting and finance systems and/or procedures. Financial analysis with narrative justification may be required for quick turnaround budget exercises. Funds management includes, but is not limited to: R&D, procurement, stock funds, Defense Working Capital Fund, O&S funding, unliquidated obligations, base lining, audit, and close-out.

Assist in the performance of contract/financial transaction reconciliation and closeout duties. The financial analyst shall assist other financial management personnel with reconciliation and contract closeout support. The contract and financial transaction reconciliation and closeout tasks require the Contractor to easily navigate, interpret, analyze, and manipulate data in multiple accounting systems and databases.

Assist other financial analysts with the verification of data input accuracy into the various financial/payment systems (i.e. financial and contract data) and support other financial analysts with the reconciliation of DFAS data to the CCaRs database (or other Government-selected financial management databases) in support of maintaining accurate accounting data for financial analysis.

Use previously developed software tools which are required to support analysis of the databases leading to reconciliation of obligations versus expenditures. Tasks also include the analysis of commitments/obligations/expenditures on financial documents and contracts and rectifying these discrepancies.

Assist in performing budget formulation work involving preparation of detailed analyses and estimates of annual funding needs for one or more future budget years.

Support the preparation and assembly of information in support of formal presentations of sustainment budget requests and reviews.

Support budget execution by monitoring obligations incurred and resulting expenditures of funds and the administration and review of requests for allotment of funds for distribution to PMs.

Assist in the preparation and interpretation of budget guidance.

Provide financial advice on budget-related matters such as types of funding available, effects of budgetary changes on related activities, and status and usage of funds.

Support the analysis of budgets and related information.

Use automated budgetary systems and computer-generated products in assisting with sustainment budgeting assignments.

Required Skills:

Due to the sensitivity of customer related requirements, U.S. Citizenship is required.

A High School Diploma plus twenty three years of experience, an Associate's degree plus seventeen years, a Bachelor's degree plus fifteen years or a Master's degree plus twelve years or a PhD plus ten years of experience is required.

Requires an active Secret security clearance.

At least ten years of experience with ACAT I financial management and cost estimation, including experience with Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA) and OSD Cost Analysis and Program Execution (CAPE) estimation methodologies and processes.

Experience in USAF acquisition program control, financial management, budget building, planning, distribution/ execution processes and USAF or DoD program management, program control, and financial systems financial systems.

Have an understanding of appropriation law (time, purpose, and amount), PPBE, and EVM.  

Have an in-depth understanding of the B-2 weapon system-specific cost drivers.

Previous experience with estimating tools including but not limited to: ACEIT, PRICE 'TruePlanning' parametric modeling, Constructive Cost Model, and Oracle Crystal Ball, and AF- maintained databases such as AFTOC and REMIS.

Proficient in Winsight-- the automated tools used to accomplish EVM analysis.